Late night Taco’s

Shemale phone sex

I lit a smoke after I jumped out of that truck. I pulled my panties up and started walking towards the empty tacobell parking lot. I walked in and the place was empty. I could hear music playing and some guys in the back. I walked back and what I saw made my cock throb. They were doing line off the table and munching on some crunchy tacos. I wanted both. “Excuse me boys, but what can a lady like myself do to get some of that coke?” They laughed “Suck my dick bitch.” I pulled my tits out and got down on my knees, with my mouth wide open. One by one they took turns throat fucking me. They were shocked when they saw my cock but they wanted to fuck my ass! Each one of the grave yard crew fucked my tranny ass as I did lines off the prep table. They even threw in a taco when I left.

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