Last night’s date was a dud

gangbang whoreLast night’s date was a total dud. He was not at all like his profile. I settled for the free meal, then made an excuse why I had to end the night early. I should have been honest, but I let him think there would be a second date. He was too vanilla for me. As much as I try, I can’t stop dating bad boys. I went to this biker bar that I go to when I want to get high and fuck. They are a rough group, but they give me what I want. I walked in and the bartender gave me a shot. He knew if I was in his dive bar, things didn’t work out as I had planned. This biker bar is always my last resort. After a few shots, I walked into the back and started flirting. At this place, no one must be fake or ask questions they don’t care to have the answers too. I was doing lines on the table, when Earl, the leader of the biker gang, came into the bar. He recognized my fine ass even from behind. He had his dick pulled out before I turned around. I can’t tell him no. I don’t want to. He has a huge cock. After he nutted down my mouth, he summoned his buddies to gang bang me over the pool table. Hours earlier, I was on a boring vanilla date at a fancy restaurant and now I was a gang bang whore in a biker bar. You just never know how a night might go.

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