Landlord Took My Asshole

My landlord fucked me in the ass. I was late on rent and he was at my door telling me all the fees I was accumulating, it had me annoyed I was already late I didn’t need more fees.

Hooker Phone sex

I could see all he did was stare at my tits. I asked him to come in we could talk about a payment arrangement. As he walked in, he shoved me on the wall telling me I would be his whore and my debt would be paid. There was nothing I could do I owed him and I had no money. He bent me over my kitchen table, rubbed his cock on my clit all the way to my ass. Then he shoved his cock hard into my ass, there was nothing I could do but let him fuck my asshole. He pounded my asshole hard like I was just his fuck toy. He pounded me hard and I just hoped he would finish, finally he came. I could feel his cum dripping out my asshole. 

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