King for A Day

Druggy phone sex


Baby you can get your cock sucked by some women and you can get your ass licked by some sluts and I don’t really want to stop you because it’s your day you’re the king. You’ve always done everything I needed. You’ve taken care of me when no one was there, I cried on your shoulder and you were better than my mother was. You don’t ever ask for anything, but I know you dream about being the king and you want many women sucking you off and fucking you good real nasty shit. It turns me on because I read your diary and I know your feelings and it really made my pussy so wet to hear that you are so fucking nasty. Well I’m going to give you one of your fantasies I’ve got like 5 girlfriends and me and we are going to suck you fuck you and let you do whatever you can think of. We are your slutty fucking concubines we are going to suck your toes and whatever you think we should lick on your body you just say it and it’s done. Yes, baby will be fucking all day all night long anytime you want it you can have it and I am not going to say no and my girls are just ready they want you too. I love you so much my dear that’s why you get to be the king for the day baby.


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