Just call me Charmin

toilet sex

Last night seemed to be the night for toilet sex. I went to my usual haunt and met some guys who wanted to turn me into their personal toilet. After enjoying some hits off of a joint they gathered around me and one of them pushed me down to my knees. They then took turns pulling their cocks out and stroking them until they came all over my face, body and clothes. When the last one finished cumming they started all over with streams of hot yellow piss splashing into my hair, mouth and soaked my clothes through. I cleaned each cock of that yellow yummy nectar and tucked them lovingly back into their pants. A couple of guys stopped me and removed their pants completely and then turned around. One at a time they backed up and each took a big, steamy shit into my mouth and throat. I chewed and swallowed that chocolatey goodness and then stuck my tongue into their cracks and holes to ensure that they were squeaky clean before they pulled their pants up and left. I went home that night covered in cum, piss and shit. I had a full belly and went to sleep hoping to see my friends again soon!

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