It’s Wednesday, Time To Get Wet!

Pissing sex stories


If you want to have the best pissing sex stories then you have to be willing to get wet and dirty.  Someone says they want to pee on me, I don’t even think twice about it.  For the right price you can do whatever you want to me.  Soak me in wizz, coat me in crap, pour gallons of my own puke over my head, I really don’t give a fuck.  If you got the money, honey, I got the chyme…  Or pee or poop or whatever.

I have a weekly paid pissing date with the owner of a local diner.  Every Wednesday is Wet Wednesday for Dex over at the Dirty Bird.  He can’t even open for business until he’s been sloshed with so much golden goodness that it saturates his skin, soaking in and leaving him ammonia scented for all of his customers and staff to smell.  That’s how he likes it.  We shower each other with so much urine that he has to put plastic everywhere before we start like he’s preparing a kill room, or something.  We keep pumping each other full of water and booze so we’re certain to be treading ankle deep through a room sized puddle before all is said and done.  Sometimes we don’t even fuck, just jack off together using each other’s peepee for lube.

He truly loves every yellow tinted drop of piss that he has ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.  His, mine, yours, he doesn’t care.  As long as he gets to enjoy it, he’s happy.  I don’t know if he ever serves any of it up to his customers, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.  Hell, if he’s giving them any of the results of my magnificent micturition, he oughta charge more!


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