It’s Me You Want


Anal sex whore

I’m standing here buck naked, and I’m ready to fuck your brains out. You know that I love you, and you know that I love the way we have raw crazy fucking sweaty sex. I couldn’t help myself but to want to fuck you over and over every time I saw your face whenever you would come to visit my sister. You are the man of my dreams; you’re the only one for me even though you belong to her. I know that you told her you would marry her when you got out of the military, but really are you serious? You can’t marry someone who bores you have to death that’s just not fair to anyone, especially me. I make your cock go insane every time you’re fucking me in my asshole you fall in love all over again. I know she saw you first. I know she thinks that she’s the perfect girl for you, but that isn’t true at all, and you and I we both know it. Whenever I stuff your big fat cock down my throat with my no gag reflex, you know that it’s me who’s really meant for you. I’m your freaky fucking slut. I am the horror that you have always dreamt about, and you know that I can satisfy you better than anyone else, including my sister. We are meant to be together; we’re meant to be fucking each other like beasts in heat.

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