It was for my health

live phone sexI have been going stir crazy with all the pandemic bullshit going on. I’ve been mostly stuck at home, there’s no parties and I am fucking bored! I want fun, I want to be active and I want new cocks to fuck! I was even starting to gain a little weight so I decided that I would take up some socially distant jogging for my health. Well, there I was jogging when this huge black guy came up behind me. He was keeping his distance and all cus neither one of us had a mask on but just looking at him had my panties soaking wet and all I wanted to do was jump on that huge black dick. I stopped jogging and turned around to ask him bluntly if he would fuck me and to my surprise he smiled and said hell yeah. We maintained our distance by just bending me over so he could fuck me with that huge dick doggy style and it was everything I had been missing. Plus it was kinda hot to be fucking all out in the open like that where anyone could see. I will be going back out again tomorrow, I hope I see him again, you know, for my health.

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