I’m The Girl 4 U

no taboo phone sex

You say you don’t want me but you know I am the girl for you. You know that I am the only girl that will get down and dirty with you. The only one that helps you fuck those precious little bitches faces. You know what I mean…you know that you have dark desires. What do you think I do every weekend? Well besides the usual gangbang, and partying… you know I am there babysitting those perfect angels. Lucy, Tiger Lily, and little baby Sky. All are perfect and ready to be used. Their stupid cunt Mommy’s never know that what we are really doing during all that babysitting is far from playing with dollies! We are playing with their faces, their holes too. They will never tell…we can play with them like this for hours and days. We can always play…so don’t stay mad baby. I can be the one who you can beat around, slap and spank and the one who helps you turn those fantasies into reality.

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