I’m An Anal Cum Dumpster For Massive Loads

anal cum dumpster

My daddy made me into a good anal sex whore. He used my cunny and tight pink puckered asshole as hs personal playground for years feeding me the good nose candy and telling me that My body would be my only escape form the hood. He was right when Jackson found me on the street corner selling my pussy for a line of coke at a time. He was a massive man who moved kilos and made “home movies” of young whores trying to make a living wage. He brought me to O’ Mileys up the street with a proposal. We were knocking back shot and doing lines in the bathroom between blowjobs and fucking my sweet little ass. In fact, I was auditioning for his next movie. Teens Hooked on BBC, The anal Diaries. He brought me to his set and There waited five black cocks ready to fuck my young drunk ass. I was pulled to the pool outside and there they began filming the drunk sex porn that would help me get my own place and become a name in the stripper industry. Who knew white trash could pay off one day?

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