I’m All Coked Up


Taboo phonesex

I like to get high it makes me feel some kind of sexy way where I lose control and become a slutty freak. I also love fucking married men they have best cocks. I like to suck and slurp on a fucking whore’s husbands big dick. I will fuck your man the one you love so much, yes tramp I will fuck and suck his dick right in your stupid face. I love your bed and your sweet smelling silk sheets. Whenever I am squirting my delicious pussy juices all over your sheets it causes your husband to unload so much cum. I called your house lastnight, I wanted to thank you for being such a prude fucking stick in the mud. You make your husband leave you running faster than Jessie Owens in a race because you are a fucking mess. You are not sexy anymore you goddamn cow you are a moo cow and you should thank me for giving your man what you can’t. I am ashamed of you I hate the face of these fat cow wives. That is why I will always give your man great fucking head and a super gushy wet tasty pussy. Your husbands love to get me all coked up that’s what is going on, Coke makes my boby do magical things.

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