I’m A Nasty Little Lot Lizard

lot lizard sex

I’ve been having nasty lot lizard sex since I was older enough to take a load of cum. My Daddy was a truck driver and my Mom was his nasty fuck toy that he used to sell to all his trucker friends. I watched her used her sexy body and tight fuck holes to get anything she wanted and I learned that being an easy fucking slut was the life for me. I started slinging my pretty pink pussy around to all the horny dirty older men. They all fucking loved me. Men would come to the truck stop I went to just to get a chance to fuck me. There was a cheap hotel across the stress and it made it perfect for renting an hour to dump your load into me. I’ll let you fucking pound my tight pussy until you explode. You can take any fucking hole you want. I’m a total fucking whore and I never say no. My holes are yours to use, stuff, stretch out, and fill up. I fucking love cumming and making you cum, Come and make me your little fuck doll. I want to be your nasty toy you shower in your cum.

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