I’m a Dirty Girl


No taboo phone sex

I’m a whore I’m a motherfucking skank I need to be fucked better than a motherfucker, I don’t care about anyone’s feelings I’m just out for myself. If you want to fuck a nasty whore, then I suggest you fuck me for sure because I’m dirty as fuck. I can be a bad girl; I can be number one at being a slut I really like to act up; that’s why. Bitches like me don’t ever go home lonely we always get what we want big money guys to love us the most too. All I need is a big dick stallion he can run me up and down all over the place because I’m willing to take big fat cock bitch. I know that your boyfriend looks at me like he’s hungry. I’m going to let him eat me if he comes my way again. I don’t feel sorry for you because you’re boring you have no x-excitement in you-you’re just a stupid cunt to me. My pussy is wild and Untamed; I can do things other girls feel ashamed to do with ease. I bet you you’re worried about your man because he left in my car last night while you’re afraid and that’s right you should be. I sucked his cock; I made him feel so right. Your boyfriend he needs more than what you offer cuz you’re boring. You’re a piece of shit sweetheart he needs a nice big piece of fucking hot sex for his body. He wants a bitch who can take his cock and shove it all the way down her throat that’s me you’ve got it you’re right if you guessed my name. So do you think that you want to watch your boyfriend fuck me crazy? Come on, sweetheart, maybe you’ll learn something.

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