I’m a Cum Dumpster


Cum dumpster

Fuck me in my ass drill me with your cock I don’t give a fuck if you don’t ever stop. All I need is a big dick to ram my asshole. I’ve been needing cock all day and all night in fact for about a week now it’s too long to be waiting I need it bad I’m boiling. I’m begging is there anyone out there who can fuck me like a slut a cum guzzling slut? If you’re out there and you want a good time, please call me; I’m ready to wrap these dick sucking lips all over your cock. I will suck you to the balls I’ll suck all of your cream out of your dick head, with me babe we’re going to have a salacious good time. Do you want to be my daddy would you like to be my Papi? I want to fuck right now my body needs some dick, and that means a big dick maybe two or three big dicks. Fuck the world when I’m hungry for some cock in my mouth and in my cunt I just want to get fucked, and that’s all that matters to me. I’m a dirty fucking cunt whore what I need is a nasty bastard to dick me down until I cannot move. I want my hair pulled while I’m being fucked from the back I want to be treated like a wild buck. Don’t you want to fuck something warm and wet hot pussy like mine resists nothing I want you to submit to your urges instead? If you submit to your sexual urges than I can submit to you-you, know you need it just as much as I do please I’m begging. My body needs cocaine and cock all night long until I cannot move. Why don’t you come and butter my booty up and fuck me in my ass hole pierce me with your stiff, solid thick cock? You can slap me on my ass while you’re ramming me in the hole I love that it makes me feel so fucking great. What are you waiting for Big Daddy come and get me now.

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