ill be your dirty little cum dumpster

cum dumpster

I’m a dirty little cum dumpster and I know it. I love to be filled up with cum. I need someone to come to my house. Tell me I’m a dirty little slut as you shove your big thick cock into my wet whore mouth. I’ll beg you for it. Shove it deep inside of my smooth throat. Make me gag over and over on it. Force me to take all of your massive dick in my mouth. Don’t stop when tears run down my face. That’s when I’ll want you to shove it in my throat deeper. Pull it out and grab me by the hair baby and, bend me over the couch. Shove that hard throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy. My tight cunnie will stretch wide for your huge rock hard dick. Ram that Fucking dick inside of me. Make me beg for more. Over and over I want that big veiny cock inside of me. Make my sweet pussy squirt all around your big dick. My juices will pour down my legs as you keep pounding me. Cum inside me baby. Fill my cunt full of your yummy white cream . I can’t wait to feel your cum deep inside me.

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