I’ll be here waiting!

pissing phone sexYou see these tits? They’re perfect, aren’t they? But in my opinion there is one thing missing from these bouncing tits. Go ahead and guess, but keep in mind what a DIRTY and FILTHY girl I am…Mmm, that’s right darling you know you wanna cover these tits in all your hot and warm piss. You have always wanted to ask your silly little prude girlfriend to let you piss on her but let’s be real – she would NEVER allow that! She doesn’t even swallow your cum. I am a nasty fucking freak and I never say no to a good time! Seriously, don’t threaten me with a good time! When you come right over to take care of these tits I will get your hard dick ready for me. My mouth has been waiting, and I really hope you haven’t showered. I like to taste that cock in my mouth, suck the balls in deep down my throat with it. Mmm, that tastes so fucking good. I can only imagine how yummy your piss will taste! I think it’s time, cover these titties in your hot piss!

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