Ice cream shit sickle

Its almost a 100 degrees outside and I am all sweaty in my room. My air conditioner is broken and I just want to feel a nice cool breeze so I can breathe and get a little relief from this heat. I have already stripped off all of my clothes, I have the fan blowing over my naked body. My nipples are perking from the air whipping across them.What I really need right now is for my roommate to bring some ice cream. Its weird to I always get horny when its so muggy and hot. Its like my pussy is a heat fuck magnet. What I could really use right now and what I have been craving for days is some good old anal fucking. I want him to ram his cock up my asshole and fuck me so hard that my shit sticks to his dick. I will have some much scat splattering everywhere that I will be able to make an ice cream shit sickle that I can freeze and eat or play with later.

Anal sex whoreBetter yet, I want him to bring me some ice cream and cool me down and then pull down his pant and give me me some hot fudge to go with my ice cream. I want that swirly anus butt ice cream and a sprinkle of some pubic hairs on the top to slide down my throat. I will even wash it down with some sweaty ball sac cum juice. I am so horny, where the fuck is my roommate?

Scat phone sex

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