I will make it fit

Sexline AuroraThat’s way to big I kept telling myself as I was walking through this sex store I like to go to. They have this massive silicon cock and balls near the register. It is like 2 feet long and 8 inches around in diameter. For some reason I love to look at it every time I come in and always want to buy it but I l was chicken shit out at the last minute. But today was different. I bought the thing, I took it home and I had to see if I could fit m pussy around it. I set it on the floor because it stands erect. I pulled off my panties and I edged both my legs on the sides of it and I sat down shimming that giant massive silicon cock into my pussy. I heard a pop as the head pleasurably went inside of me. I thought god I am a loose fucking cunt. Then I shimmied down further as it got more painful but still felt good. I cannot believe after a little piss and blood a little screaming and a few tears, that I got that thing half way into my loose pussy hole. Getting it out is another story.

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