I was the only girl that showed up!

live phone sexI went to a party the other day and I was literally the only girl that showed up! There were at least a hundred men there and no women at all but me, even the staff circling around with drinks were all men too! I was afraid that they would ask me to leave but instead they all welcomed me in… but they were all staring at me as if they were gonna eat me! It was almost creepy the way they were staring at me, I was getting really tense so I slammed a couple of drinks and just started dancing like I didn’t have a care in the world. They surrounded me, not touching, just watching me dance and I gotta say all that attention was starting to get me wet! That’s when I started stripping, I figured fuck it lets get a fucking gangbang going! Oh man, once I was naked they were all over me, I had cocks stuffed in every hole and more waiting! It was hot as fuck!! I came more times than I could count!

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