I Was a Pretty Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerI was a pretty big dick sucker, I knew that much. Dressed in a brilliant blue dress, my white princess status was gathering me quite the following and that meant gifts from all around. Life wasn’t actually bad back then, it was just difficult. I’d needed to learn, adapt, learn the right drugs, who to get them from, who not to get them from, and who wanted something in return for their benevolence. There’s this value in America, this idea that benevolence, good deeds, are done for the sake of them. Where I spent most of my good years that wasn’t how that worked. Joy and good grace came from sucking dicks and splitting my pussy open with a thick mast that was only a few seconds from unloading deep. Tonight his blonde fucking desieres were no different. I needed to convince a higher up to work with my current master by using my body. A gift and a show of good will, that’s what my body was, and somehow that made me feel like I had a sense of purpose. My cunt was soaked, my tits lacked a bra and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn panties so my pussy juices were leaking down my legs joyfully. I didn’t mind that he saw it, that he took me in within seconds of my arrival. I grabbed my dress and span around slowly, giving him a great view of my ass and body, a gift doesn’t do well if she doesn’t know how to present. The dress was pretty, I liked it, but I knew it’d be covered in cum very quickly. He was well known for liking his fucks to still be wearing clothes, it made him feel like it was a passionate fuck, a ravage. He felt better if you were crying, if your pussying was leaking cum into your favorite outfit, and your hair was pulled just enough to draw a little blood. I was ready for brutal blonde phone sex.

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