I Punish Him


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This motherfucker wants to have sex with me so bad, I make him beg I tell him that I’m spoiled and he knew what he was getting into so, he has to fucking beg and take the chance that he’s not going to get what he wants. It drives him crazy, I mean sometimes he looks at me like he wants to fucking string my neck and squeeze tight but then, that would mean that would be no me, so that’s his rock and his hard place. He says that I bedazzle the crowd, that I enchant people and that I’m not good for humanity, but he digresses because after all, he’s a member of the people and a Slave to my nature. I look at this fuckwad and I say to myself, but that’s just not true you monster, I say to myself, this slob man boob having black trash is not telling the full truth. I say to myself, self, why do you deal with this unattractive, man monster where everything on his body is huge except for his cock? I really want an answer from myself. Do I allow him to be in my life because he lets me abuse him and take advantage of him? I wonder does the taste of his submission overtake me and supersede his irritating nature. I guess he gets lucky today I’m waiting for him to come and be abused and I’m feeling very abusive today.


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