I Love Sucking Big Dicks

Big Dick Sucker

I’m a Big Dick Sucker. Plain and simple and that’s the bottom line. I love to have a huge cock in my mouth. If I could do it all the time, I totally and completely would. I love cock. Especially when its fucking my wet mouth. I love to be able to feel a dick starting to get hard on my tongue. And when it’s nice and fir, the feeling of the veins popping is incredible. The longer I suck it, the harder it gets and I absolutely look forward to being able to feel it pulsate and throb between my lips. The bigger the dick is the better I like it. The best is when its gagging me, and I only have it half way in my mouth and can feel the tip banging on the back of my throat. I love to gag on a big cock and feel my mouth start to water and the drool running down my chin. Take a handful of my hair at the back of my head and force me to take you deep until I’m gagging violently and I can’t catch my breath. Let me struggle for air with your dick shoved deep in my throat until my eyes start to roll back in my head. Let up a little and then do it again and again. Cum hard in my mouth and coat my tongue and throat with your hot load. Force your jizz far into me with every hard mouth fucking thrust. Make sure that I swallow every drop and don’t spill any out. I know how hard and how much you cum, so I look forward to the challenge of swallowing it all every time. Your big dick cums so much that my belly feels full when I’m done swallowing you.  I love your huge cock. I adore sucking it. And, the more you cum, the better it is for me.


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