I Love Getting Peed On And Being A Pig

Golden Showers Sex

I love being treated like the cum dumpster that I am. I am a piece of trash, no good for anything but well I’m not sure. My neighbor and I went through back page and we picked out the most perfect whore. I put in some of the money for the dumb bitch and we had rented the nastiest little motel that rents by the hour. Kind of scary I was even going to put my ass on that bed. My neighbor had brought her over and since she is a whore she has to do what we want, we put in some good cash for this slut. We had also gathered about 8 other guys and they were their naked ready to do their thing.

They started hovering around her and they were jacking off. I told that bitch to open her mouth, and I grabbed her by the back of her hair and I held her head back. She opened her legs and was getting pounded while getting cum all over in her mouth. I am such a pig for sloppy seconds. I love them so much I got in on it and opened my mouth and some of the guys starting peeing on us and wanted us to drink it. I was in heaven and I did. The other cunt was crying and I was laughing and started spitting some of the pee on her. They were peeing in our hair and I was rubbing it in. If you want to know more and I do mean nasty shit call me and I will gladly tell you.

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