I Love Getting Drunk and Having Sex in Public

Drunk Girl Fucking


Drunk sex can be so hot. There was this one time that I was getting super drunk in the club. At this point, I was wasted yet I was feeling so excited and so free. I felt like I could do anything and anyone. That’s when this guy came up to me. We started talking for a bit and I told him I was horny as fuck. He said he was horny too and suggested that we should help each other. I normally don’t have sex with strangers, but this time I agreed. I suggested that we go into the bathroom because I didn’t want to wait to go to his place. He pulled me to the bathroom and started to touch my tits and rub on my clit. I pulled down his pants and jerked his cock. He was getting so hard and my pussy was dripping wet from him playing with my pussy. He lifted me onto the sink, pushed my panties to the side and fucked my wet pussy. His cock made my pussy feel so good. I begged for him to go deeper and faster inside of me. I was moaning so loud but the music drowned me out. I played with my tits while he fucked me good, and he came hard inside me. I never knew I could be such a whore when I’m drunk. 

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