I Love Drugs and Dick

Druggy phone sex Audrey


I love cocaine! And because I’m beautiful I never have to pay for nose candy. I have dealers all around the city and they love my body. Just yesterday I got a whole ounce, and all I had to do is walk around this dealer’s house naked except for 6inch heels. I love trading my body for drugs. Sometimes I have to fuck and suck dick, but I don’t mind. I love fucking and sucking just like I love coke. I’ve done gangbangs with up to 10 guys to get high. I walked away with a swollen pussy, but I had enough cocaine to last me a week. I love to party and get high. I’ll do anything for drugs. I do coke then I get horny, I fuck one of my dealers then I get more coke and then I’m horny all over again. It’s a vicious cycle that I can’t get out of, and I don’t want to anyways.

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