He Loves Lesbians

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One of the strip clubs best customers came to the club last night. His name is Jeremy and he showers strippers in $20’s all night long. When his dick can’t take any more asses grinding against it without exploding in his pants, he picks two strippers to take home. He paid me and Diamond $1000 each to go home with him. I knew what he wanted, and as soon as I had Diamond in his bedroom I pushed her down on his bed and tore her clothes off. I spread her thick thighs and buried my face in her pretty pink pussy. I attacked her clit with my tongue. That bitch tasted so sweet. She couldn’t keep still, grinding and bucking against my mouth. The whole time Jeremy was sitting in the corner with his cock in his hand. Diamond and I switched positions and I sat my pussy on her face. I rode her tongue and pinched my nipples. She ate my pussy so good my thighs started shaking. I leaned forward and put my face in her pussy. I love 69, we destroyed each other clits. I was so wet my juices were sliding down my ass crack. Jeremy came over to us, stroking his dick really fast. Suddenly he showered Diamond and me in thick, white cum. That night was the easiest $1000 I’ve ever made.

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