I Love Cum

cum dumpster

Make me your cum dumpster. I love getting filled with your load. Any one of my three wet fuck holes can be filled with your warm creamy goodness. I’ll lick it all up, swallow it, and smile. Then I’ll ask you to please give me some more. I have been a trashy nasty little lot lizard ever since I was a tight little teen. I went from kinky lot lizard to sexy teen stripper. I fucking love it. Getting paid to shake my ass and tits and then get filled with cum is fucking amazing. I’ve always needed to cum a lot and nothing makes my pussy cum harder than taking a nice big load of creamy cum! It’s tastes so good, I want to milk your cock of every last drop. You won’t be able to resist me once¬† I give you a sexy lap dance and offer to take you in the back and fuck you nice and hard. Come and give me your cock and shower me in that load baby! I fucking love being your dirty little whore.

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