I love being a cum dumpster

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. The older I get, the more I love cum. I am officially a jizz junkie. I was walking around my neighborhood last night in booty shorts and a tank top. No bra, of course. I was trying to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I saw what appeared to be a party going on and decided to crash it. A pretty woman of any age is never turned away. I walked right in and found the bar. I made a drink and mingled. I saw some frat boy types doing lines off a coffee table and asked to join. I let them snort coke off my ass. That is what got the party going in the right direction. This was like some college boy party. Nice house, so maybe trust fund brats? I didn’t care because I got to party for free. Cocaine give younger guys the stamina to fuck me. Soon, all the guys at the party were standing in line to fuck the old cougar party crasher. I never mind a gangbang. When I am high on cocaine, my freak flag flies.  I was blowing boys while taking it in the ass too. I never got any names. I was there for the party supplies and the hard dicks.

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