I love being a cum dumpster

cum dumpsterA black cum dumpster is always in high demand. I am a nasty trick. Everyone knows to call me for the things their wives won’t do. I did a bachelor party last night. Some rich white dude with jungle fever. His best man contacted me because he heard from a friend that I was the nastiest ho around. We agreed on a price and an anything goes entertainment clause. I knew what that meant. They wanted to get nasty with the entertainment. Rich white men think they know nasty until they meet me. The party began tame with lap dances and botty gyrations. When I told the boys to pull out their cocks, they went hog wild like I was their first naked chick. I guess rich white wives don’t like cum. This black bitch thrives on it. I told them to bukkake me, then I had to explain what bukkake meant lol! I was on my knees surrounded by horny white men. They all stroked their dicks until I got jet blasted by jizz. I had big chunks of cum on my face and I was still bobbing my head up and down to get more cum. I am a jizz junkie. I let them fuck me too. That was part of the anything goes clause. I love being gangbanged. I left that bachelor party coated in cum and with a purse full of Benjamins.

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