I like it wet and nasty!

water sports sexI like it wet and nasty and kind of a little fucked up but that’s ok, because I know for sure that I am not the only one that likes it like that! I know that you like it wet too, why else would you be begging me to squirt all over you? We started with a little piss play, you gave me a nice hot drink and sprayed all that hot piss all over my tits just the way I like, and I pissed in your mouth too and you were such a champ, drinking down every drop like you were dying for it. It was hot as hell but then…! OMG then you started eating my pussy and fingering me so so so fucking good! I was feeling things I had never felt before and then BAM suddenly I was squirting everywhere and cumming so fucking hard that I thought I was going to die for a minute there! Best orgasm I ever had, all thanks to you!

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