I like it nasty!

live phone sexI like it nasty, I do, I just can’t help it! Is it any wonder that I end up in crazy situations all the time? Last night I went out shopping, I was just going to pick up a few groceries and somehow I ended up in the backroom in the middle of a gangbang! I don’t even know how it happened really, I asked one of the stock boys to help me find something and he led me to the back where a whole group was waiting. He said he could just tell I was a slut just by looking at me and asked if I wanted to fuck… now how the fuck could I say no to that??? I got right on my knees to suck his dick and next thing I knew I was surrounded by all of them and they were all shoving rock hard dicks inside me! I fucking loved it, all I could do was beg for more!

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