I just can’t get enough!

live phone sexI am addicted to cock, no matter what I do I just can not get enough of it! So when my friend asked me to strip at his bachelor party I was all in, I knew that they would all be drunk and horny so I was sure to get fucked and get paid, what could be better than that? I showed up right when they were all hammered as fuck and ready to play, I could tell they were ready to fuck too by all those hard cocks so I just went for it and told them that whoever wanted some of this pussy could come get some. Well they all wanted me, I had cocks in every fuck hole practically before I even finished my sentence! It was a total bachelor party gangbang and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I fucked them all night long, my friend was almost late to his own wedding thanks to me but he told me it was all worth it!

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