I got pulled over

live phone sexI got pulled over this morning and I was so sure I would get a huge ticket. I was going too fast but I was in a rush I was so late! The cop was young and kind of sexy so I just unbuttoned my shirt a little more and hoped for the best. He asked me to step out of the car and he patted me down, he didn’t seem to be searching me tho, it was more like he was just rubbing me all over and that’s when I knew I would be getting off with a warning. I turned around and asked him if there was any way I could convince him to not give me a ticket and the bulge in his pants told me what I needed to do. I tried to suck his dick but he wasn’t having it, he pulled me up on the hood of the car and ate my pussy until I was a quivering mess. Then he fucked the shit out of me. It was so good I nearly lost my mind but I definitely didn’t get a ticket.

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