I Got His Call

I got the call. He wanted to see me. Then I got the notification of a deposit $$$. Well, well well looks like daddy was wanting to play hard tonight. I am certainly not one to disappoint so I sent a snap back showing him all the goodies. I knew the place and I knew the time because this was at least a weekly hookup. I loved the money, but I also loved his big thick cock when he was pumped full of those little blue pills. I got there early and ordered room service and some drinks, changed into a hot little panty and bra set, put on some porn and waited. I heard the key go in the door and I swear my panties got moist. He walked in with a big smile as I went to greet him. His big hands held me and then made their way to my ass where he got a big squeeze. I kissed his face and got to work removing all of his clothes. I told you he is a hot ass, so I took my time admiring him. Then I playfully pushed him back on the bed, licked my lips and crawled between his legs. Kissing him from his feet to his thighs, stopping at his ball sack before opening my mouth wide. Want to hear what I did next? Or maybe you want to hear what I want to do to you? Give me a call, I will be waiting.

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