I got a second job

live phone sexI got a second job cleaning houses and boy is it hard! I’m constantly busy so it’s a workout for sure but the money and tips have been okay. Well, I got a new cleaning job yesterday and this one is so good I may quit all the others. When I got there yesterday this old guy told me he would pay me extra to put on a sexy maid outfit and let him watch me clean. Well, I love money so I agreed and I made sure to flash my pussy at him every time I could. He didn’t even last one whole room before he was offering me money to suck his dick and let him fuck me. I was happy to take his money and his cock was nice and big and he could still get hard as fuck so fucking him was way better than I thought it would be. He offered me a live in housekeeping position where I would dress sexy and take care of his cock and in return he will pay me well and spoil me rotten, what could be better than that?

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