I cheered him up

live phone sexMy friend has been down in the dumps since quarantine started. He hates being stuck at home but he takes care of his elderly grandparents so he has to be very careful. They are stuck at home 24/7 he doesn’t even leave to get groceries they have them delivered. So when this poor guy called me up and was practically crying because he was so horny I knew I had to help the poor man out. I took some sexy pics and sent them to him then hopped online so I could watch him getting off to my pics. He wanted to fuck me so bad but all we could do was masturbate together. We were watching each other and thinking back to the many times we’ve fucked in the past.When we finally came we had to laugh at the whole situation, it’s that or go crazy right? Well, we will be fucking again for real soon enough I hope.

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