I broke the rules

live phone sexI know that I am supposed to stay home and do nothing and all that but I just can’t do that! I have an addiction to cock, I need to be fucked every single fucking day or I will seriously go crazy! I have tried to be a good girl, I stayed home and masturbated and just phone fucked guys but I can only take so much. Dildos weren’t cutting it, vibrators were just the wrong thing, I needed a real fucking dick inside me and I needed it right then! So I did it, I left my house and went trolling for cock. I found a couple guys walking to a store and I walked right up to them like a brazen little whore and straight up asked them to fuck me. They didn’t even hesitate, they pulled hard dicks out of their pants right away. SO I got down on my knees sucking those big dicks and let them use all my fuck holes right there on the street. It’s a good thing not many people are out huh? Whatever, I’m glad I went out I needed a good fucking. I might just do it again tonight too!

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