I am nothing but a bottom feeder

No taboo phone sexI’m a bottom feeding ass bitch so come feed me that dirty ass! You know I’m a nasty whore and I love to please but getting dirty is a must if you want a piece of me! I love to face fuck your little ass and force my tongue in as deep as it will go, but I want you to push some shit out for me baby! Make me your dirty toilet whore and use me! Make me clean your shit out of your ass and eat every drop baby. I’ll even lick my plate clean and make sure that I get every single morale! Then I want you to force fuck my face baby! Make me gag on your big cock and force it deeper down my throat! Make me sick on that dick baby so I can rub it all over my body and then lick up the rest! That is what a nasty fucking slut like me deserves, to eat my own shitty throw up baby! Now fuck me fuck me with that shitty cock baby! Shove it deep in my shit hole and force me to take all of it! make my hole nice and gaping! Use me like the filthy pig I am baby you know this potty hole feels nice on you huge throbbing cock! Now force me to take every inch before you make me lick my ass off your massive throbbing hard cock. Yeah, I love to taste my own ass baby, after all I am nothing but a bottom feeder!


    • Lawson on June 23, 2022 at 12:33 pm
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    Hottest fucking bottom feeding bitch I ever laid eyes on.

    • Cory on June 24, 2022 at 8:24 am
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    Eat my ass

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