I Always Swallow

Druggy phone sexI love cocaine. I love the way it makes me feel like an electric current is running through my body. I snort coke everyday and I never pay for it. I use my body do get my drugs. I’ll do anyone, anytime and anywhere. I have drug dealers all around my city. They fight over me, because my pussy is so good and I suck dick like a porn star. I never fuck for free, if you can’t get me high then you can’t get this ass. My favorite dealer is Chico, he has the best nose candy and the biggest dick. He likes for me to suck his dick in front of his friends. Picture me on my knees sucking cock with a room full of men. I love it, having all eyes on me. Men watching me and lusting for my body. I like being the center of attention. I suck Chico dry, I never spit and I always swallow.

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