I aim to please

live phone sexI’m sweet cheeks, and I have always been able to please. I’ve always been able to do the best fucking that I can because I like it. I love to be bent over with my head as far down as it would go into the bed and my ass up as high as I can Arch my back. I like to get cocks stuffed inside of my hot gushy wet pussy. I want a big thick cock, but first, I want you to grab my pussy lips with your tongue and start slurping and licking me while my ass is up in the air. I am so fucking horny right now. I want you. I want to ride your fucking face. You’ll have so much fun inside of this super wet pussy. I want you and I to be together right now for the first time and then again. Can’t you feel how warm my cum guzzling cunt is? Doesn’t it taste so sweet, eating my pussy because it feels so good? I need your sexy pussy slurping tongue. I love your hard cock; I love your whole body.

I need every part of you participating in making my pussy melt. Some people don’t appreciate me, but it’s certainly not a guy. I’m in a situation, I have what you would call a female pimp, and she’s hard and unmovable. I feel like she Lust For Me, and every time I see her, it’s electrifying, but she doesn’t show weakness, she only shows strength. I have to submit to her I have to give in to her, and when she punishes me, it’s still all business. I Know you will be able to give me cock and allow me to escape her complete dominance over me. When I’m with you, I forget her.

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