Human Toilet

toilet sexNothing gets this pussy purring harder than when one of my human toilets come into the dinner. I like to take them out back behind the diner where all the rotten food in trash bags have been torn open by stray dogs and scattered on the ground. I make you get down and roll around in that sour milk and rotten vegetables. Then I take a giant piss all over you. I save some piss so that I can sit down on your mouth and piss directly into it. I let the two homeless guys come over and piss all over your face and into your mouth too. You love their nasty cheap beer tasting piss, don’t you? You are such a nasty filthy little pervert. Oh, the smell back there is so wretched that I think I am going to puke. Good thing I have my human toilet here. You are such a nasty little whore that all of this has turned you on and now you are playing with your big hard cock.

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