How To Make a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster. I found out years ago why I was a natural jizz junkie. My mother was a whore. I mean she took money from guys for sex in the 70s. Mostly black men, but whoever wanted to pay her to drain their balls, she took it. I was a little girl. She was married, but my father was never around. He was a trucker and on the road more days a week than not. My mother admitted that she would let men cum in my mouth or my bottle or sippy cup if they suggested it. They paid for it of course. I have no memory of that. My earliest memory was when I was a schoolgirl and a black man said how much to my mother meaning how much for me to suck his big black cock. But my love affair with cum goes back farther than my memory. I do think the foundation for being a good cum guzzling slut starts in the womb. Letting men bare back you when you are in your last trimester of pregnancy. Letting men cum in your daughter’s diaper and bottle. I did those things with my daughter, and she is a cum whore just like me. P men will pay for all sorts of things. I had a guy offer me $500 to just cum in my daughter’s face when she was knee high. You better believe I took him up on his offer. I mean that was the easiest money I ever made. I made more money off her little body, but do not think I was a bad mother. My mother was not a bad mother either. We were smart because what is a little jizz in the belly or on the body of a little girl? That is money in your pocket to provide better for your daughter. Plus, it helps build a good jizz junkie and the world needs more of them, right?

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