How slutty is too slutty?

live phone sexHow slutty is too slutty? Like for instance if a girl like me goes to a friend’s house and ends up banging all the dudes there at the same time, is that too much? In my defense tho, these guys were hot as fuck and I was drunk as hell! How could I turn down a room full of hot horny guys??? My pussy is gushing right now just thinking of it! I just love that slutty feeling of being stuffed to the brim with big fat dicks, all that cum dripping down my thighs and filling my belly… what could ever top that?? Besides, after I fucked all those guys they paid for my cab fare home and gave me some money for breakfast and a lil something to take the edge off my hangover, they were practically gentlemen, that has to count for something right? Oh well, if I’m too slutty I don’t even care cus I am having way too much fun to change now!

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