Hot Stripper Sex in The Club

hot stripper sexI have had hot stripper sex all week at the club. Every stripper knows that the holidays in the adult industry are extremely profitable. I took some time off from talking dirty because I was in high demand at the club. This one rich trust fund boy monopolized my time all week at the club, but he pretty much bankrolled me for the next year. And, he gave me a ton of coke. The last night he was in the club, he brought some of his fellow rich college friends. They all had lots of money to burn. I was happy to take their money and share their coke. I was in the VIP room and we were doing lines of coke using hollowed out candy canes. One of the boys dared me to put the candy canes up my cunt. Apparently, they don’t know this trashy milf well because I always take a dare. I had a bouquet of candy canes laced with coke up my cunt. I was fucked up quickly. The coke absorbed through my pussy walls and the next thing I knew, I was bent over one of the tables getting gang banged by rich college boys. They fucked all my holes. Hell, they even took turns fisting my dirty old cunt. I think they were hoping to hurt me, but the joke was on them. The coke numbed my cunt and I am an old whore. I have had cocks bigger than their fists. I just took their money and laughed as they thought they ruined my old pussy. Nothing can ruin this old cunt.

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