Hot Stripper Sex gets Rawdy!

Hot Stripper Sex

      Hot Stripper Sex got a little awkward!  I will start by saying I am proud of who I am. The other night I was working in the club and got in some trouble. A customer started to tip me and we were getting along pretty well.  It was the end of the shift and he said he wanted to get a private dance. Of course with my smack habit I needed the money.  We were having fun and I was making some money when he invited me out side of the club for something a little bit more private. In the rule of the club it’s a no no to do something like that!

      It had been a several days since I had some cock so I agreed. I went out to the parking lot and got in his van. It would have been fine but the guy’s wife showed up knocking on the fucking window like a crazy person! He was balls deep in my little pussy and damn if I wanted to move! I kept rocking that cock back and forth while she stood there hammering at the window! Who gave a fuck! I was all about the money! I rode that motherfucker’s cock while his wife stood outside the window watching! If she wanted she could get some of this too I don’t get discriminate!

      As he shot that load on me, I took my hands and dipped up that sauce on my finger and licked it so she could see! She just kept on pounding at the window! I thought it as a good as  time as any to make a quick exit out of the passenger door to my car. That’s when the bitch got to action and beat his ass! I was so turned on stood right there and fingered my cunt while they were fighting!

I like being a whore there is nothing like it and I am not going apologize for it either. The most frustrating part was going home and having to use my toy to finish the job! But oh well I got paid!

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