Hot Stripper Sex Born

Hot Stripper Sex

      Hot Stripper sex is right up my alley! I am a whore and I love fucking. There is no shame in that! I have been working this job for about three months now and I love it! Not only am I really good at it but, it supports my fucking coke habit. I love all the girls I work with and the bouncers have the best cocks of any I have tasted so far! The best are the customers who tip and grip me at the end of the night. The only bad thing is I have gotten a little reputation as the whore who likes to fuck! In the months I have worked here I have slept with 25 guys in a gang bang and sucked off more cocks then I can count! I am a fucking slut who loves fucking!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as long as I have my fake i.d! (I am underage!) I won’t tell my boss if you won’t. I really think the bitch knows but doesn’t give a shit!

      I think if a guy treats you nice you should do everything in your power to show your appreciation. All the customers I have love fucking me and taking me out to dinner. I am sure you will too! I am living the life that I am supposed to live. A slutty addict whore who will do anything for a fuck! I don’t think life could get any better but there is one thing missing someone licking my pussy while I write this stupid ass blog!

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