Hot Stripper Sex Blow

Hot Stripper Sex

     Hot Stripper sex gets me what I want! I have been doing some stripping to get my next fix. The white trash part of me likes doing it too! The music blasting, naked girls everywhere, and as much blow as I can shove up my fucking nose turns me on! You are sitting there in the VIP room and I see that white powder dust all over the table. Immediately my pussy muscles begin to twitch. I saunter over to the pole to give you a dance. I slowly begin to strip away my clothes and notice your cock straining against your pants. You motion for me to come over to you and pull out a stack of cash. Your hands run all over my skin. I take your cock out and run my hands all over it. Your hands run up and down my pussy slit. Your fingers begin to push into my tight little pussy.

     I get so hot from all the attention and slide down and start sucking your cock. I taste that sweet candy and create a vacuum around my mouth to suck on you deeper. People are watching us but we don’t give a fuck! I climb on top of your meat stack and ride you until cum squirts out of my pussy. I love working at the strip clubs. There are so many benefits!

    I am a party girl so if you want to share this slut I am into that too. I will say that I am not trash! I am just a cum sucking drunk bitch that loves to fuck and make money! My favorite past time is getting high and sucking cock! What’s the big fucking deal? I am not hurting anyone and by the end of the night we both get what we want! You get to blow your load and I get that sweet candy I love so much!

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