Hot Cum Sundae

Cum dumpsterYeah, hot fudge sundaes are delicious to eat for dessert but have you ever tried hot cum sundaes? If you haven’t then you are truly missing out! Let’s have some super nasty phone sex together, I want to tell you all about my yummy, naughty little treat that I love to eat! I have always loved to indulge in some delicious ice cream but ice cream smothered in gooey, creamy cock cream makes it all the more better! I want you to jerk your cock and cum loads upon loads for me to use as the sexy topping to my sundae! Let me gag on your shaft and suck on your balls while you skull fuck my brains out! I know that you have so much juice built up inside of your throbbing dick, you’re able to give me as many loads as I want! It’s like a never-ending flow of fresh jizz out of your hole! Even better, scooping it up out of the ice cream dish and fucking myself with it all as it drips down my crack, causing a huge mess! So fucking hott! Of course I love to complete my warm and delicious sundae with a cherry on top, the ultimate toppings for the perfect sundae!

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