Hookers for hire with the local principal!

Hookers for hireMy little Hookers for hire side gig is really taking off. We get calls and booking from teachers, higher ups, etc. Trust me, it is taking off and all the nasty perverts are coming to light. Some of the shit I hear and see is wild; all these high earning men out here being filthy pigs. It’s fine by me though; as long as I get the cash and their cock & seed and I don’t give a fuck what they do. I am all for a nasty perv looking for a hot bitch to pump his cock into; it makes up for the boring city I live in. I love to see a little fun and risky behaviors!

Plus it helps a lot when me and all my Big dick sucker bitches get a lot of work. Not only is there money in my pocket but my whores have the funds too. It makes me so happy to see my sluts pleasing these men with their holes. I am running such a good business with the proper ladies; it really is great to see. Today’s clientele was quite the line up; a few of my girls had an orgy set up and I had the Principal at the local high school. He requested that I dress up like an assistant slut and do whatever he says. He needed a release with a good little throat slut. 

I was so excited to guzzle some cum. We all know I am the nastiest whore when it comes to Cum eating phone sex. So I knew Mr.Ross was going to love my mouth. He was a needy over pressured hard working man and just need a whore to use for a while. I even gave that prick a discount; I really do love swallowing nut!

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