Hookers For Hire Making That Quick Cheddar

Hookers for HireSo I recently came up to a rig as it’s the place to go for truckers looking for Hookers to hire. I needed that cheddar!  So I rolled up in my cheap hooker heels and fishnet stockings, flashing my newly fake tits at the guys to catch their eye. I climbed into your cab smelling like stale cigarettes and cheap perfume while telling dirty jokes to break the ice.

He asked me if I was the slut that was being double-teamed by two big black guys from behind while sucking off another one – from the te week before, so we had met!  I was surprised at how turned on I got as I jumped on top of it. Literally having an orgasm every five seconds creaming all over this strangers cock and his truck.  I ended up riding him for almost an hour before he told me to go in the back so he could get me from behind.  He claimed he couldn’t cum without seeing my ass cheeks jiggle while he was fucking me.  How convenient.

These guys are something else though. In the middle of being balls deep inside my wet tight cunt, he answers his phone and talking to his damn wife.  Although I can’t lie, the fact that I was cumming all over his dick while he was on the phone with his wife talking about their sons ball game, was making my cunt twitch on his cock.  I knew he loved it too as he got harder and harder as I looked back and him as he’s discussing wholesome stuff knowing her mans cock was about to cum in my pussy.

Not on birth control either so bitch may have enough game to attend if her man keeps loading his seed up in hooker cunts.

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